Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Faculty of Medicine

M.D. / M.S

M.D. Pathology

M.S. Orthopaedics

M.D. General Medicine

M.D. Microbiology

M.D. Skin & Dermatology (DVL)

M.S. General Surgery

M.D. Bio-chemistry

M.D. Community Medicine

M.D. Anaesthesiology


M.D. Pharmacology

M.S. Ophthalmology

M.D. Paediatrics

M.D. Radio-Diagnosis

Dermatology Consultation
Robotic Lab Assistant

Post Graduate Professional Courses : M.Sc. (Medical) 

Electrical engineer working on circuit b
Art Class

Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts

Open Books

Faculty of Languages

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Arts


Technology Class

Faculty of Science

Bachelor of Science

Master of Science


Stock Market Graph

Faculty of Commerce & Management

Bachelor of Commerce

Female Teacher during a Math Class

Faculty of Education

Bachelor of Education

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