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B.Sc. in Operation Theatre Technology (OTT)

Course Duration : 4 Years
Operation Room
Surgery Tools
Programme Overview

B.Sc. In Operation Theatre Technology direction is identified with all of the work and control of the operation theatre. The application prepares candidates for dealing with the patients and further to looking at the complicated detail of an operation theatre. During the examiner, the applicants are answerable for worrying for all of the surgical instruments and additionally their disinfection and sterilization. Candidates help the specialist amid operations and nearly contend with the medicinal drugs, anesthetic gases, curtains, and sterilization requirements for the duration of surgical operation.

They cope with smooth running of ICUs, CCUs and Operation theatres in restoration facilities and centers. Government and personal recuperation facilities and centers having surgical wards lease operation theatre professionals. After higher examinations, one may likewise wear the part of an educator or instructor at important preparing foundations.

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