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M.Sc. in Biotechnology

Course Duration :  2 Years
Programme Overview

Khaja Bandanawaz University offers B.Sc and M.Sc Biotechnology courses with advanced facilities in the field of Biotechnology. We have adopted the International standards of course structure in consultation with clinical, agricultural and industrial experts to give the cutting edge knowledge and practical skills needed for a career in molecular biosciences. Students will gain extensive subject knowledge and research experience through research based teaching in our well established biotechnology laboratories, hands on training in Bioinformatics, internship in industry or medical institutions and carrying out a full semester research projects working under the mentorship and supervision of highly accomplished, qualified and experienced teaching faculty recruited from reputed Universities across the country. Students will also gain knowledge and employability skills for a career in further research by acquiring a doctorate degree. They may also gain important placements in Academic, Clinical, Industrial, Agricultural or Commercial sectors anywhere in the world.


We have effectively adopted the Choice based credit system and students get the freedom to opt for the Courses of their choice from the pool of Courses in Biotechnology. The Khaja Bandanawaz University are the pioneers to introduce the international patterns of examinations like Library Based Examination, Take Home Examinations and Seminar Based Examination along with the traditional written examination in the country. These new patterns of Examinations have already shown remarkable enhancement in the quality of education, reading and learning capacity, research oriented thinking with least examination pressure on students.


We aim at developing and retaining a sustainable pipeline of biotechnology professionals across a range of related disciplines including fundamental science, technology development and translational research through efforts in education, training, and career development.


The candidate should have a B.Sc in relevant discipline, with at least 50% aggregate marks from a recognized institute

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