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Computer Science & Engineering

Course Duration : 2 Years     [ Intake:  18 ]
Programme Overview

M. Tech. Programme in Computer Science and Engineering was started two decades ago in the year 1998 and is running successfully with an intake of 18 students. The programme, Master’s in Computer Science and Engineering aims at equipping the graduates with practical exposure of advanced conceptual knowledge, technical skills and ability to pursue research in the field of Computer Science and Engineering.  The use of computer technologies is common in all places of organizations, government, private and business organizations, industries, in academia, and in research.  The information and communication technologies (ICTs) Scenario have become a keystone of everyday life, and new applications that are being introduced every day have become more powerful, more accessible, and more widespread in enhancing competitiveness, enabling development, and bringing progress to all levels of society.  As computers become more pervasive, the potential for computer-related careers will continue to grow and the career paths in computer-related fields will become more diverse. It is evident that in future nearly nothing would be possible in life without internet

  • KHAJA BANDANAWAZ UNIVERSITY offers M. Tech. Programme in Computer Science and Engineering –contributing to the development and progress of computer science, and software and information technology, to provide innovative, creative solutions for societal needs.

  • The curriculum for Master's in Computer Science and Engineering programme is designed for a strong theoretical foundation to learn advance level and research oriented courses in computer science and engineering The discipline course covers advanced level Networking, Data Structure Algorithms, Advanced Data Base Technologies, Computer Architecture, Distributed Computing and Computational Intelligence, The mandatory project work empowers the students to gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on exposure.

  • The Programme disseminates research to enhance, conceptualize, design, analyse and develop computer software to meet the modern-day industry requirements., interdisciplinary interests will benefit society, and educate the public through publications, public service, and professional activities

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOS)

The programme aims to produce software Engineers with advanced knowledge and understanding of Computer Science and Engineering; higher order critical, analytical, problem solving and transferable skills; ability to think rigorously and independently to meet higher level expectations of ICT industry, academics, researcher or take up entrepreneurial role.

The program is expected to enable the students to:

  • Be software engineers who can design, code, test and implement computer programs.

  • Be able to work effectively in multidisciplinary and multicultural environments and Be responsible members and leaders of their communities.

  • Act as administrators in public, private and government organisations.

  • Assess the industry requirements and provide perceptible solutions with social and environmental consciousness.

  • Excel in their professional career by applying advanced knowledge and/or pursue doctoral studies engage in research by applying the knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering or a related field that contributes to the profession as an excellent employee, or as an entrepreneur.

Program Outcomes (POs)

At the end of this programme, graduates will be able to

  • Possess knowledge in Advanced Operating System, Advance Data Base Technology, Advanced Data Structures & Algorithms for analysing and the solving complex problem.

  • Solve complex problems through innovative system design using modern tools and techniques.

  • Think critically to carry out research/investigation and development work to solve practical problems and present a substantial technical report/document.

  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of specific discipline or professional area, including wider and global perspective, with an ability to discriminate, evaluate, analyses and synthesize existing and new knowledge, and integration of the same for enhancement of knowledge.

  • Think laterally and originally for problem solving, conceptualize, evaluate a wide range of potential and optimal solutions, contribute individually / in group(s) to the development of scientific / technological knowledge of Computer Science and Engineering.

  • Recognize the need for, and have the preparation and ability to engage in life-long learning independently, with a high level of enthusiasm and commitment to improve knowledge and competence continuously.

  • Acquire professional and intellectual integrity, professional code of conduct, ethics of research and scholarship, consideration of the impact of research outcomes on professional practices and an understanding of responsibility to contribute to the community for sustainable development of society.

Career Opportunities

The Postgraduates of M Tech in Computer Science & Engineering will have plenty of opportunities in institutions, organizations and multinational companies. The areas includes: Programming and Software Development, Information Systems Operation and Management, Telecommunications and Networking, Computer Science Research, Web and Internet, Image Processing, Graphics and Multimedia, Training and Support and computer industry specialists, or after completing postgraduation one can Pursue  higher studies(Ph.D.) to work in colleges, universities as professors or as scientists in research organisations.

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