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PG Alumni Meet, Department of Biochemistry

PG Alumni Meet was held on 22-02-2024


The event was hosted by Dr Saba Nazneen Khan, Prof., Department of Biochemistry, Khaja Bandanawaz University. The event began with the word of God (Invocation) by Mohammed Talha 1st year MBBS student.


Felicitation of the Guest of the PG Alumni Meet


1.      Dr Siddesh B Sirwar by Dr. Mirza Sharif Ahmed Baig

2.      Dr SiddalingChengty by Dr. Nazeer Ahmed

3.      Dr Mohammed Abdul Baseer by Dr Saher Ansari

4.    Felicitation of the Alumni Dr Sadiya Afreen by Dr Siddesh B. Sirwar, Dr Siddaling Chengty and Dr Mohammed Abdul Baseer


The event was continued by Welcome speech by Dr Mirza Sharif Ahmed Baig, Prof & Head, Department of Biochemistry, Faculty of Medical Sciences, KBNU.Dr Sadiya Afreen (PG Alumni) shared her memories in the department of Biochemistry and her experience in KBN University since her UG to the placement after completing PG. Dr. Ashish Chandna (PG Alumni) was not present for the event due to his prior commitments. So, he has sent a video sharing his experiences about the KBNIMS. He expressed immense happiness to study in the Department of Biochemistry, KBN University.Dr. SiddalingChengty Sir shared his work experience and improvements in KBN hospital and university.Dr. Siddesh Sirwar Sir shared his memories and experience and gave a best wishes for both the PG alumni.Dr Mohammed Abdul Baseer, IQAC Director, KBNU addressed the gathering and highlighted the importance of organizing Alumni meets. 


The program was officially concluded by Vote of thanks by Dr. Nagaraj Shetkar Sir, Prof. Department of Biochemistry. Further group photograph session was organized to capture the memories of the PG ALUMNI MEET 2024. This was followed by High tea for the alumni, guests, organizers and the faculty



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