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On 13th November 2023, the department of urdu in collaboration with the faculty of education had organized National Education Day . on this occasion two guests were invited. The first guest invited was urdu writer, journalist and social worker Mr. Ali mohammed editor of the literary journal istearah-ousoolb, Gulbarga. The second guest invited was Dr. Prakash Balikai, Asst Professor, Department of English, Central University Karnataka.

1.      The program was hosted by Dr.Atiulla, Asst. Professor, Department of Urdu, KBNU

2.      The program began with an invocation by Dr. Shehbaz Arshad, Asst. Professor, Department of Urdu, KBNU

3.      The guest and the president of the function were welcomed by Dr. Atiullah.

4.      The guest were felicitated by Prof. Hamid Akbar, Professor and HOD of Department of Urdu, Khaja Bandanawaz University .

5.      Hassan Mahamood, research scholar spoke on moulana azad ka tasawwar-e-qauniyat.

6.      Shahanaz sultana a student of M.A urdu delivered a speech on moulana azadki shahafati khidmat .

7.      Saima ismat , a student of B.Sc. delivered a speech on moulana azad ki taleem khidmaat.

8.      Asst.Professor Prakash Balikai addressed the gathering in his address he focused on acquiring authentic knowledge at a particular age. He also highlighted some important verses from Quran to show the importance of education to both male and female equally.

9.      Mr. Aleem Ahmed spoke about the tremendous effect of moulana Azad as an educationist.

10.  Afsha parveen, a student from faculty of education, KBNU delivered a speech on moulana azad ki taleem ki khidmat in urdu.

11.  Arshiya begum, a student from faculty of education spoke on moulana azad as an educationist.

12.  Dr. Hamid akbar, professor and HOD, presided over the function and presented presidential remark.

13.  Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Kudratunnissa Shaikh, Faculty of education, KBNU.

14.  All the staff and students of department of urdu and faculty of education were present

The whole program was done under the supervision of Prof. Nishat Arif Hussaini, Dean Faculty of Arts, Languages, social sciences, Education and law, Khaja Bandanawaz University.



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