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International Pathology Day

International Pathology Day is celebrated globally on the second Wednesday of November. It is a day to honor pathologists and promote health education. Its primary aim is to amplify pathology's importance in healthcare, encouraging collaboration, awareness, and progress in the field.


Guest lecture on the theme ‘Impact of climate change on disease and what can be done to tackle the changes’ was given by Prof  Emeritus Dr.P.S.Shankar, CEO, KBNTGH, Kalaburagi. The details are as follows:


 Appropriate climate and weather conditions are necessary for the survival, reproduction, distribution and transmission of disease pathogens, vectors, and hosts. Therefore, changes in climate or weather conditions may impact infectious diseases through affecting the pathogens, vectors, hosts and their living environment .


New and resurgent vector-borne communicable diseases, including dengue, malaria, hantavirus and cholera, are evident widely .Other infectious diseases, such as salmonellosis ,cholera and giardiasis, may show increased outbreaks due to elevated temperature and flooding. Adaptation measures can be informed by improved weather forecast, including the forecast of extreme weather events and meteorological hazards. By developing an early warning system that is based on accurate weather forecast, a society can better prepare for climate change related health risks. 


The intervention practices launched following the warning, including public education and awareness campaigns, were effective in reducing the risk of diarrheal and vector-borne diseases. Effective early warning systems for health effects of climate change should be established broadly. Related to such early warning systems, protocols are needed for information sharing, public health awareness campaign, and resources sharing and relocation.


Felicitation of  Prof  Emeritus  Dr.P.S.Shankar,  Dr Siddesh B. Sirwar,  Dr. A.V. Deshmukh, Dr.V.L. Pattankar and Dr. S. Mahantappa was done.


Dr. Rajshree Paladi, Dean Research centre, KBNU, Dr Mohammed Abdul Baseer , Director IQAC,KBNU, and staff members of various departments attended the event.


Prizes were given to the winners of the Elocution and Quiz competitions held on 7-11-2023.The topic for elocution was ‘Impact of climate change on disease and what can be done to tackle the changes’. Dr Zeenath Begum proposed the vote of thanks.



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