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Indian Democracy, Its Citizens, and Legal System

The INTER-DISCIPLINARY SEMINAR titled "Indian Democracy, Its Citizens, and Legal System" held on 05th Oct. 2023 delivered by Dr. Jawed Akhtar was a thought-provoking and enlightening session that engaged law students in a comprehensive discourse about the intricate relationship between democracy, citizenship, and legal system.

The content of the seminar was well-organized and followed a logical progression. Dr. Akhtar began by providing a historical context of Indian democracy, tracing its evolution from independence to the present day. He seamlessly integrated legal principles and cases to illustrate key points, making the information relevant and accessible to the audience.

Faliha Khan's opening remarks set a positive tone for the seminar. Her warm welcome and succinct introduction of the speaker created a welcoming atmosphere for both Dr. Akhtar and the attendees. Syed Zubair's closing remarks were equally appreciable, as he extended gratitude to Dr. Akhtar for his valuable insights and reiterated the seminar's significance for the students.



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