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Field visit Forensic Science Museum KBNU

The Law Department has organized a Field visit Forensic Science Museum KBNU on 05- August 2023, Miss. Lubna Tanveer, Co-Ordinator/ Head, KBNU, Sunpreet Chhabra Assistant Professor of KBNU were present.


Interactive session: Led by Abdul Rahman, knowledgeable tutor Department of Forensic Science, KBNU, who skilfully engaged law students, a deeper understanding of forensic science concepts. The class focused on various aspects of forensic science related to criminal investigations. Moreover, the instructors shared real-life case studies, illustrating the application of forensic science in solving local crimes.


The class not only expanded to the students’ knowledge of forensic science but also provided valuable insights into the specific challenges and techniques relevant to the region. Overall, the interaction class was a thought-provoking and educational experience, contributing to a comprehensive understanding of forensic science.



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