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Constitution Day

On November 26, 2023, Khaja Bandanawaz University commemorated Constitution Day, celebrating the essence of the foundational document of India. The event, organized jointly by the Faculty of Law and Department of Sociology, took place at the Main Campus from 11 am to 12 pm. The occasion was graced by esteemed guests, faculty members, and enthusiastic students.


The Guest of Honour for the program was Dr. Nishat Arif Hussaini, Dean Faculty of Languages, Arts, Humanities, Law, Social Sciences, Science, Khaja Bandanawaz University. Her presence added immense value to the event, lending her expertise and insights.


Dr. Jawed Akhtar, Assistant Professor at Mass Communication and Journalism, took charge as the host of the program, guiding the proceedings effectively.


Miss. Lubna Tanveer had the honour of felicitating Dean Dr. Nishat Arif Hussaini, acknowledging her pivotal role in the university's growth and development.


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Sayed sufiyan Khadri
Sayed sufiyan Khadri
6 days ago

It's proud moment to the all students of KBN University kalaburagi that we study here .department of law

Me gusta
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