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CNC Programming and Operations

One Day Workshop on “ CNC Programming and Operations “

by  Department of Mechanical  Engineering  on 15-06-2023

The  one-day  workshop  on  CNC  programming  and  operations  proved  to  be  a  valuable  learning experience for all participants. It equipped them with the essential knowledge and practical skills required  to  effectively  program  and  operate  CNC  machines.  The  hands-on  sessions  enabled participants  to  gain  confidence  in  working  with  CNC  systems  and  apply  their  learning  in  real-world scenarios. The event successfully highlighted the importance of CNC technology in modern manufacturing and its potential for driving efficiency and productivity.

The  positive  feedback  received  from  the  participants  indicates  that  the  workshop  met  its objectives.  Participants  expressed  their  appreciation  for  the  expertise  of  the  speaker,  the comprehensive  coverage  of  topics  and  the  interactive  nature  of  the  sessions.  Overall,  the workshop played a significant role in enhancing the participants' understanding and proficiency in  CNC programming  and  operations,  thereby  contributing  to  their  professional  growth  in  the field.  We extend our gratitude to all the participants, speaker and organizers for making this workshop a success. We look forward to organizing more such events in the future to continue promoting knowledge sharing and skill development in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

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