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CME on Broadening Pathology Horizons

A continuing medical education programme was organized in the Auditorium, KBN University, on 05/03/2024. The programme was conducted from 08:30AM - 05:30 PM. 


To start with, elaborative lecture was given by the guest speaker, Dr Kalpana Kulkarni, Associate Professor, Department of Pathology. B J Govt Medical College Pune, on “Approach to Pancytopenia”. It is a disorder in which all three major formed elements of blood (red blood cells , white blood cells and platelets) are decreased in number. The severity of pancytopenia and the underlying pathology determine the management and prognosis. Thus, identification of the correct cause will help in implementing appropriate therapy.Detailed primary hematological investigations along with bone marrow aspiration in cytopenic patients are helpful for understanding the disease process; to diagnose, or to rule out the causes of pancytopenia.


Later Dr Anjali Deepak Amarapurkar, Prof &HOD,. Dept of pathology. Lokamanya Tilak Municipal Medical College & Sion Hospital, Mumbai., spoke on “Interpretation of Endoscopic GI mucosa biopsy” Gastrointestinal endoscopy and the acquisition of tissue samples are essential for the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of the digestive system. She suggested that biopsies are required to diagnose various diseases like Gastroesophageal reflux disease, Barrett's esophagus, Eosinophilic esophagitis,  Helicobacter pylori, Gastric polyps, Peptic ulcer disease, Celiac disease, Inflammatory bowel disease etc.


 This session was followed by Inauguration Ceremony. This was presided by Dr. Ruksar Fatima, Asst Registrar, KBNU. Dr.S,K.Andola was the chief guest, other dignitaries on the dais were Dr. Siddesh Sirwar, Dean FOMS, KBNU, Dr. Siddling Chengty, M.S. KBNTGH, Dr Rajashree Paladi, Dean Research KBNU, Dr. Guruprasad K.Y. Deputy Dean Research KBNU &Dr. Anand Kanaki,  Observer KMC.

Dr Ruksar Fatima addressed the gathering with encouraging words for active participation of the Postgraduates in the CME.


Bone marrow biopsy interpretation was explained in detail by Dr. Gayatri, Consultant Hematopathologist, Tapadia life care Hospital, Hyderabad. Dr Manasi Mundada, Senior Consultant Hematopathologist, Indo American Cancer Hospital & Research institute, Hyderabad gave a didactic lecture on Molecular diagnostics in Hematologic malignancies – Significance in Disease management.Slide Seminar was conducted by Dr. Shashikala P. MD Pathology Prof & HOD, Department of Pathology, and Vice principal. S.S . Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre. Davangere. Detailed account of Pre- CME workshops on HPLC & Pap smear were given by Dr Zeenath Begum.


In  the end, vote of thanks was given by Dr. Pratima S, Professor, Dept of Pathology, KBNU. She thanked everyone for their presence & support.    



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