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With the kind permission of the Dean, faculty of Arts, Languages, Humanities, Sciences, Social Science, Law and Education Prof. Nishat  Arif  Hussaini. The department of Urdu constituted the literary body including the students to carried out the literary activities of the department. Therefore, On 7th October 2023 after due consultation with the Staff the Head of the Department Prof. M. A. Hameed Akber constituted the BAZM-E-ADAB-E-URDU. 

The office bearers of the BAZM were selected from UG & PG. The following students are selected for the first ever literary body of the Department of Urdu, Khaja Bandanawaz University, Klb.

1 Rayeesa Fatima, M.A, III Sem                                             :           President

2 Sameena Afshan, M.A, III Sem                                           :           Vice President

3 Mohammed Rayees Ahmed, B.Com II Sem                      :           Secretary

4 Syeda Bi bi Fatima, B.Sc. III Sem                                        :           Joint Secretary

5 Mrs. Nasreen Fatima, Lecturer(Research Scholar)           :           Treasurer

6 Dr. Abdus Samad, Asst. Prof.                                              :           Caretaker

7 Dr. Atiullah, Asst. Prof.                                                        :           Media Coordinator

8 Safia Azmat B.Sc.III Sem                                                     :           Asst. Media Coordinator

9 Dr. Shahbaz Arshad, Asst.Prof.                                           :           Stage Committee

The above body will work for the One academic Year.

31 Student have attended on this occasion.

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