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DAY - 6 (19-12-2023)

The camaraderie of all faculties charged the air and inspired the staff also to participate in the Sixth day of the Sports and Cultural Fest of the Khaja Bandanawaz University.

The faculties were divided into four teams:

·         Team A-Faculty of Medical Sciences (FOMS)

·         Team B-Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FOET)

·         Team C- Faculty of Sciences (FOS)

·         Team D- Faculty of Faculty of Languages, Arts Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Commerce, and Education (FOLAHSSLCE)

Events of the day:

  Outdoor event-

1.      Badminton ( Faculty)

2.      Kabaddi (Boys)

3.      Football (Boys)

4.      Volleyball (Boys)


Cultural Activities -

1.      Skit Competition


 The enthralling journey of the Annual Sports and Cultural fest on day six inspired the staff to participate in matches played by female faculty of KBNU. Inter-faculty friendly matches of Badminton matches was played in which Dr. Shireen and Dr Sushma of Team A emerged as the winner and Ms Zainab and Dr Deshmukh Afshan of Team D were the runner’s up.

A display of drama and emotions was exhibited in the skit competition organized at the Examination hall –FOMS KBNU. Judges of the event were Dr Athiya Sultana (FOLAS), Dr Neelam Mishra (FOLAS), Dr Asma Parveen (FOET), Dr Zainab Gazala (FOMS). Team D of FOLAS was declared the winner and Team C of (FOSc ) were the runner’s up.

The matches between students started at 2:00pm at the Sports ground, KBNU Campus. A beautiful balance of holding-on and letting-go is what is required in a game of Kabaddi which  was played between boys of Team A and Team B and Team C and Team D. Judges of the event were Prof. Samad Sayeed (FOET), Dr. Shehbaz Arshad (FOLAS), Dr Sunil Mane (FOSc), Dr. Amogh Harsoor (FOMS). In a see-saw battle the winner would be decided among Team A and Team B who emerged as winners beating Team C and Team D.

The most enthusiastic and energetic game in the field of sports, Football was played at Sports ground, KBNU Campus. The competition started off with each participating team highly motivated and air was filled with whistling and clapping by spectators. Judges of the matches were Dr Munnawar (FOMS), Prof Majeed (FOET), Mahiboob C Koralli (FOLAS), Dr Vinodkumar Patil (FOSc). Winners were Team B of FOET and runners up were Team A of FOMS.

A game of fun, togetherness and determination as team members coordinate with perseverance and hard work is Volleyball which was played at Sports ground, KBNU Campus at 5:00pm. These matches were judged by Dr Sunil Mane (FOSc), Mahiboob C Koralli (FOLAS), Prof Imran Khan (FOET), Dr Waheed (FOMS). The finale qualifiers are Team B vs Team C after beating Team A and Team D respectively.

This long tiring day ended with happiness and contentment from audience and players who will brace up for the Finale matches scheduled for the next day.



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