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Alumni Meet 2023

Alumni meet 2023 was organized by the Faculty of Education, KBNU on 14/10/2023 in order to rejuvenate and reconnect and recall the old memories and to celebrate their achievements . the meet was hosted for UG (B.Ed) Alumni.

1.      The program was hosted by Kehkasha jabeen and humaira sadaf IV sem students .

2.      The meeting began with Invocation by zohra naaz and Ayesha begum II sem students .

3.      The president of the meet , Faculty and alumni were welcomed by Mrs.Kudratunnissa Shaikh Lecturer , FoE, KBNU.

4.      It was followed by the facilitation of the president of the alumni meet , Prof.Nishat Arif Hussaini , Dean Chairperson ,  Faculty of Education , KBNU

5.      Alumni was addressed by Dr.Saliha Khatoon , Coordinator & Assistant Prof , FOE KBNU.

6.      Mr.Mahiboob C was made the member of the alumni association .

7.      Miss.Shahbaaz Begum (Alumni Batch 2018-2020) was made the vice-president of the Students Alumni Association.

8.      Alumni shared their past experiences and current achievements

9.      This was followed by the trophy distribution to the outstanding alumni .

10.  The short video was screened for the alumni to recive their times that they spent at the university .

11.  President addressed was given by Prof.Nishat Arif Hussaini ,  Dean , Faculty of Education , KBNU.

12.  The event was concluded with vote of thanks by safoora Firdous IV sem Student.



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