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Course Duration :  2 Years

M.Sc. in Psychology

Programme Overview

A degree of Master of Science in Psychology provides students with both academic as well as practical knowledge in the field of psychology. Psychology is the scientific study of the behaviour and the mind of humans. The examination of human behaviour helps psychologists in working towards a better understanding of human activity. It provides major assistance in treating mental disorders and counseling people so that they can achieve emotional stability.

Psychology is one of the most interesting fields in terms of research. Therefore, many students opt for the subject of psychology and pursue it up to the doctorate level. Psychology is a practical subject and M.Sc in Psychology deals entirely with the aspects of science and research associated with the subject. It explores the practical applications and clinical solutions for the treatment of patients .

M.Sc Psychology  equips students with the practical skills  and the frame of mind for a career in this field.


The candidate should have a B.Sc. degree in Psychology, with at least 50% aggregate marks from a recognized institute

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