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World Engineering Day 2024

Faculty of Engineering and Technology In association with Institution of Engineers (India) Kalaburagi Local Centre Celebrates World Engineering Day on 5th March 2024.

Objectives of the program

  • The main objective of the program is to raise awareness among students and faculty about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Highlighting the essential role that engineering plays in addressing global challenges.

  • Empowering young, aspiring engineers to contribute to sustainable development.

  • Organizing a talk on the theme for 2024: "Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World."

  • The program aims to educate and inspire individuals to take action towards achieving a more sustainable future through engineering innovation.

Proceeding of the function

Mr. Yousuf Ahmed, Assistant Professor of Electronics and Communication at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, served as the emcee for the event. Dr. Mohd Nazeeruddin, Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, recited verses from the Holy Quran. The welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Md Mansoor Ahmed, Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology. Following this, Mr. Manjunath DC, Assistant Professor in the Civil Engineering Department at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, introduced the chief guest, guest of honor, and speaker to the audience.

Dr. Md Siraj Ahmed, the program coordinator, provided the audience with an overview of the goals and objectives of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development.

The celebration of World Engineering Day aims to enhance public awareness of the essential role that engineering and technology play in sustainable development. Across all nations, there is a pressing need to address issues such as climate change, environmental concerns, urbanization, and the complexities of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. This day presents numerous opportunities to engage with young individuals and inspire them to pursue a career in engineering with the message, "If you aspire to make a positive impact on the world, consider becoming an engineer."

The celebration of World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development 2024 is inaugurated by watering a plant by the dignitaries.

The eleven new faculty members of KBN University who have become members of IEI are warmly welcomed by the executive members of the Kalabuagi Local Centre.

Theme speech

Dr. Sangamesh Rajole delivered a compelling theme speech on "Engineering Solutions for a Sustainable World" this year. He began by highlighting the importance of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which serve as a crucial call to action for all countries, both developed and developing, to work together in a global partnership. Engineering innovation plays a key role in finding solutions for sustainable development.

Question answer session

The question and answer session on green energy usage was highly engaging. Students posed questions regarding the prevention of global warming and greenhouse gas emissions.

Key note address of Honorable Vice Chancellor

In his keynote address, Dr. Ali Raza Moosavi emphasized the significant role that engineers play in building the world envisioned by poets, thinkers, and philosophers. He highlighted the flaws in the Indian higher education system, particularly in the field of engineering, where certain disciplines may experience a rise in prominence only to later decline due to poor planning.

Poster Presentation competition

To create awareness about the Sustainability and its three main pillars i.e. environmental concerns, socially responsible practices, and economic cooperation a poster competition was conducted.

The winners of the competition and awarded with cash prizes of Rupees 500, 300 and 200 certificate of merit.

Presidential remarks

In his presidential address, Dr. Sridhar Pande, Chairman of the Kalaburagi IEI Centre, emphasized the importance of sustainable development. He defined sustainable development as the responsible utilization of Earth's resources to meet our current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Dr. Pande highlighted the fact that while resources are limited, the potential for creativity in utilizing these resources is boundless.

The key takeaways from this event have been collected through a question What is your take way from engineering day? Selected responses are reported below.

  • My takeaway from Engineering Day is the celebration and recognition of the contributions engineers make to society

  • Recognize the role of engineer in shaping the world and addressing global challenges.

  • The seminar session with eminent resource person helped us not only in enhancement of our knowledge but also how to be better and responsible human for our planet earth.

  • Today I know true meaning engineer

  • Got to know about interactions n enjoyed the day thanks to the speakers n faculty & organizers

Vote of thanks

The vote of thanks was proposed by Mr. Sethram Mannur, Secretary of the Kalaburagi local IEI center. He expressed gratitude to the Vice Chancellor, Dean, faculty, and students for attending the function and engaging with the resource persons.



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