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Vigilance Awareness Week

The seminar on the Observation of Vigilance Awareness Week - Say No To Corruption was designed with the aim of creating heightened awareness about the detrimental effects of corruption within the legal system. Recognizing the critical role that legal professionals play in upholding integrity, the seminar sought to equip them with the knowledge and tools necessary to combat corruption effectively.

Seminar Opening: Day 1 (2nd Nov 2023)

The seminar on the Observation of Vigilance Awareness Week, with the theme "Say No to Corruption", was held on 2nd and 3rd November 2023 at 11:00 AM at the Khaja Banda Nawaz University Campus, Kalaburagi. The event was meticulously coordinated and conducted by Lubna Tanveer, Head/ Co-Ordinator of Faculty of Law.

The seminar featured presentations by accomplished law students who enriched the discourse. The following students shared their perspectives on the theme:

Syed Shah Pasha Hussaini from 4th Sem LLB discussed legal frameworks and enforcement mechanisms in place to tackle corruption within the legal system.

Faliha Khan from 4th Sem BA, LL.B addressed the ethical and moral dimensions associated with corruption, emphasizing the role of legal professionals in upholding integrity.

Syed Ali Khalid from of 4th Sem LLB discussed about Lokpal and Lokayukta and their role in eradicating Corruption.

Syed Mastan from 4th Sem LLB addressed about the corruption faced by people with relation to Traffic Police and ways to combat corruption against them.

Each speaker provided unique insights into the prevalence of corruption, its impact on society, and the measures that can be taken to combat it effectively. Their presentations were marked by a profound understanding of legal and ethical principles, demonstrating the calibre of students within the Faculty of Law.


Speaker Session: Day 2 (3rd Nov 2023)

Dr. Ather Moizuddin, he has a diverse educational background, with expertise in both Chemistry and Urdu. His role as Editor in Chief at KBN Times and Lecturer in the Faculty of Languages highlights his involvement in both academia and journalism. He commenced the seminar with an insightful lecture on the detrimental effects of corruption in society and the imperative need for vigilance. His words set the tone for the rest of the seminar, emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct in all aspects of life.



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