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DAY - 7 (20-12-2023)

The Fourth-Day of the Sports and Cultural Fest of the Khaja Bandanawaz University was started with Inter-faculty matches among the students.

The faculties were divided into four teams:

·         Team A-Faculty of Medical Sciences (FOMS)

·         Team B-Faculty of Engineering and Technology (FOET)

·         Team C- Faculty of Sciences (FOS)

·         Team D- Faculty of Faculty of Languages, Arts Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Commerce, and Education (FOALHSSL/ed)

Events of the day:

Outdoor Sports:

1.      Tug of War (Girls)

2.      Cricket

3.      Kabaddi

4.      Volleyball

The seventh day of the Sports and Cultural Fest at Khaja Bandanawaz University marked a thrilling culmination of a week-long celebration of talent, athleticism, and creativity. The day kicked off with a series of high-energy sports finals, showcasing the determination and skill of the participating athletes. From intense Tug of war matches to nail-biting Cricket, Kabaddi and Volleyball games, the sports competitions drew cheers from a spirited audience.

The day began with Girls' Tug of War Competition, held at 1:30 p.m. at the sports ground of the Khaja Bandanawaz University, emerged as a spirited display of strength, teamwork, and competitive camaraderie. The event attracted enthusiastic participation from various faculties such as Medical Science, Engineering, Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Education, Social Sciences and others. The participants were divided into four teams among which Team C emerged as the winner while Team A was the runner-up. The match was judged by Dr. Naghma Shaista (FOSc), Dr. Saher Ansari (FOMS)and Zameer Ahmed (FOET).

The eagerly awaited cricket final match between Team A and Team B unfolded in a spectacular display of skill, sportsmanshipand tension at the sports ground of Khaja Bandanawaz University at 2:30 p.m.  The atmosphere was charged with excitement as fans from both teams filled the ground, creating a vibrant backdrop for the showdown. Team A won the toss and elected to fielding whereas Team B gave an impressive target of 161 runs for Team A. The final match was triumphed by Team B who displayed strong and exceptional performance on the ground. The match was judged by Mr Abdul Razak (FOALHSSL/ed), Dr. Vinod Uploankar (FOMS) and Dr. Vinod Kumar Patil (FOSc)

The thrill of seeing teams taking on each other reached the next level at the finals of the game of Volleyball at 5:00pm sports ground KBNU Campus. Judged by Dr Sunil Mane (FOSc), Mahiboob C Koralli (FOLAS), Prof Imran Khan (FOET), Dr Ali Patel (FOMS), the skilled and strategic game saw Team B as the winners and Team D as the runners up.

The next and last final match of Kabaddi commenced 5:30pm today at KBNU Campus sports ground. The two electric teams competing were Team A and Team B. Judges of this grand finale were Dr Shahbaz Arshad (FOALHSSL/ed), Prof Samad Sayeed (FOET) Dr Furqan (FOMS) and Dr Sunil Mane (FOSc). Team A won the finale exhibiting exhilarating skills and temperament with Team B being the runner’s up.

The finale day ended with mixed emotions as there was happiness of winning the events and the same time marking the end of all the sports activities. The true spirit of togetherness and sportsmanship was displayed at best.



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