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The Three days National  level workshop on “ Cyber Security, MATLAB , Python And It’s Applications In Engineering (CSMPAE-2024)” was organized by the Department of  E&CE, KBNU,KLBi from  29th February 2024 to 2nd March 2024.  Registration for the event was open for both online and on-site through spot registration. Participants had the flexibility to register in advance through online portal or opt for on-the-spot registration at the venue.The workshop received an overwhelming response with 174 participants from in and around engineering colleges of the district. The financial assistance and sponsorship for the workshop was also provided by IETE ( Institution of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineers) .The endeavor  was  successful  in  creating  learning  environment  for  the faculty, research scholars and Under graduate students and also in providing hands-on experience in programming skills through MATLAB and PHYTHON. Each participant was provided with a comprehensive kit containing essential materials, including a pen, a detailed note outlining the workshop schedule, a note pad and food coupons valid for all three days of the event.Throughout the three-day workshop, arrangements were made for hygienic lunch and two tea breaks each day, ensuring the comfort and well-being of all participants.

Day 1: Inaugural session, 29-02-2024, 09:00 A.M to 10:00 A.M.


The proceeding of the workshop was inaugurated by the following eminent personalities on 29th February 2024. Dr. S Kamal Mohammed Azam , Dean, FoET, KBNU, KLB

1.      Dr. Shabana Tabassum, HOD(i/c), HoD, E&CE, KBNU,KLB

2.      Dr. N.M. Maroof ,Assistant professor , E&CE,KBNU,KLB

3.      Dr. Mohammed  Rafi , Professor University BDT College of Engineering Davangere-Karnataka

Unfortunately, the Guest of Honor Honorable Pro-Chancellor, Honorable Vice-Chancellor , Director and Registrar(i/c),Khaja Bandanawaz University , Kalaburagi were unable to attend the event due to prior commitments. We were informed that unforeseen work obligations required their immediate attention, preventing their participation in the event. The inaugural function was hosted by Miss. Namera Ulfat and Miss. Syeda Afifa Uzma of 8th semester, Dept of E&CE, FoET, KBNU,KLB.

The workshop began with a poignant and reverent start, as Mr. Mohammed Shahbaaz , student of 4th semester, E&CE, FoET, KBNU commenced by reciting verses from the Holy Quran. The welcome speech was given by Dr. Shabana Tabassum where she welcomed the resource person Dr. Mohammed Rafi  and  all participants  in  her  opening  address.  Prof. Zamrud Taj eloquently provided insights into the background and expertise of the  resource person . During the workshop, it was highlighted that three faculties within the department , Dr. Shabana Tabassum  , Dr. N.M. Maroof and Dr. Feroza D Mirajkar successfully completed their PhDs from Visvesvaraya Technological University, Belagavi. As recognition of their achievements, they were felicitated by all the teaching and non-teaching staff department.

 At the end of inauguration ceremony Prof. Yousuf Ahmed delivered the vote of thanks. The inaugural programme ended with the resource person taking over the session.

Day 1: Session1 and Session 2 by Dr. Mohammed Rafi,

29-02-2024, 10:00 A.M to 01:00 P.M and 2:00 P.M to 04:00 PM

The first day of the workshop was conducted by Dr. Mohammed Rafi, who delivered an insightful presentation on cyber security. He elucidated key concepts related to cyber security and network security, providing attendees with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


Day 2: Session 3 by Dr. Janardhan Reddy,

01-03-2024, 10:00 A.M to 01:00 P.M

The morning session of Day 2 was led by Dr. Janardhan Reddy, who provided a comprehensive overview of MATLAB to the participants. Beginning with the installation process, he guided attendees through the basics of programming in MATLAB, ensuring that participants gained a thorough understanding of the software and its functionalities.


Day 2: Session 4 by Dr. Sudhir Anakal

01-03-2024 , 2:00 P.M to 4:00 PM

The afternoon session of Day 2 was conducted by Dr. Sudhir Anakal , who introduced participants to the fundamentals of Python programming. He covered basic Python syntax and concepts, and then demonstrated the execution of essential programming skills through practical examples. Participants engaged in hands-on activities to reinforce their understanding of Python basics, gaining valuable experience in writing and executing basic Python programs.

Day 3: Session 5 by Dr. Janardhan Reddy,

02-03-2024, 10:00 A.M to 01:00 P.M

The morning session of Day 3 featured Dr. Janardhan Reddy once again, who delved into the various toolboxes available in MATLAB and their practical applications. Dr. Reddy provided insights into how these toolboxes can be utilized effectively in different domains. Additionally, he introduced participants to the concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI), highlighting their significance in contemporary technology landscapes and discussing their potential applications.


Day 3: Session 6 by Dr. Layak Ali

                                         01-03-2024,  2:00 P.M to 4:00 PM

The afternoon session of Day 3 was led by Dr. Layak Ali, who focused on optimization techniques. He provided a detailed explanation of various optimization methods and their applications in solving real-world problems. Participants gained insights into optimization algorithms and strategies for improving efficiency and effectiveness in problem-solving scenarios,

Feedback for each session of the workshop was systematically collected through Google Forms, which were conveniently shared in the dedicated WhatsApp group created for the workshop.

2nd March 2024, 04:00 PM to 04:30 PM

The valedictory session of the workshop served as a fitting culmination to the enriching experience shared over the preceding days. The Dean (FoET, KBNU), HOD , organizers,  esteemed speaker Dr. Layak Ali and participants, gathered to reflect on the insights gained, lessons learned, and the camaraderie fostered during the workshop. Dr. S.K. Mohd. Azam, delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all involved and emphasizing the importance of continued learning and collaboration.

Participants shared their experiences and key takeaways from the sessions conducted by experts in each respective field. Certificates of participation were distributed, acknowledging the dedication and contributions of attendees. The valedictory session provided a moment of celebration and reflection, marking the successful conclusion of the workshop. Prof. Yousuf Ahmed, Asst. Professor, Dept. of E&CE, KBNU graciously concluded the workshop by delivering vote of thanks.



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