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Resume Writing & career opportunities

One Day Workshop on “ Resume Writing & career opportunities in Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering “ by  Department of Mechanical  Engineering  and Aeronautical Engineering on 05-08-2023.

To  make  students  industry  ready  they  need  to  be  equip  with  skill  set required  by  the  industry.  The  mechanical  department  has  organized  a workshop  on  Resume  writing  and  opportunities  in  mechanical  and aeronautical engineering.      Students will be explored to opportunities in different industries like automotive, aerospace, or renewable energy. We want train students about resume writing. This is a crucial piece  of the puzzle when it comes  to  job hunting. We want to make sure that our students know how to whip up an effective  resume  by  highlighting  relevant  coursework  and  project experiences to showcasing internships. Because, with solid resume writing skills  and  an  open  mind,  outgoing students  will  be  well  on  their  way  to conquering the realm of mechanical engineering. The following topics were covered in the workshop are 

1.      Job Opportunities in mechanical engineering  and aeronautical engineering 

2.      How write an effective resume?

3.      Soft skill 

4.      Digital literacy 

5.      How to face interview?

Dr.  Jayant  Kittur,  former  Principal, Dean  of  Research  and  Development, Placement  Officer,  and  Head  of  the Department  of  Mechanical  Engineering at  Gogate  Institute  of  Technology  in Belgavi,  provided  valuable  insights  on building  a  successful  career.  He emphasized  the  essential  qualities  that fresh  graduates  should  cultivate  in order  to  thrive  in  their  professional lives. Dr.  Majid,  an  Assistant  Professor  in  the Mechanical  Engineering  department  at FENT  KBN  University,  emphasizes  the significance  of  cultivating  soft  skills  in addition  to  technical  knowledge.  He highlighted that  communication  skills  are vital  for  effective  collaboration  with colleagues  and  for  clearly  conveying  technical  concepts  to  non-technical individuals.  Furthermore,  problem-solving skills  enable  engineers  to  think  critically and devise innovative solutions for intricate challenges Mr.  Samad  Saeed,  Assistant  Professor in  the  Mechanical  Engineering department  at  FENT  KBN  University, emphasized  the  crucial  importance  of digital  literacy  for  engineers  in  today's world.  He  highlighted  that  mastering digital tools is essential, with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel being the holy  trinity  of  these  tools.  These applications  have  become  the foundation  of  every  engineer's professional life. Dr  Nasir, Assistant  Professor  in  the Mechanical Engineering department at FENT KBN University gave tips on how face  interview. Firstly,  remember  that nonverbal  communication  plays  a huge  role  in  making  a  positive  first impression. Maintain good eye contact with  the  interviewer  while simultaneously  showcasing  confidence by  sitting  up  straight  and  using  open body language.Dr  Vishaldatt  Kohir,  Professor, Mechanical  engineering  department, FENT,KBN  university  has  briefed  the students  about  various  areas  where mechanical  and  aeronautical students have  job  opportunities.  He  urged  the students  identify  the  skill  they acquired  during  their  four  years  of learning  in  the  university.  He explained  the  skill  set  to  be  acquired as  per  the  input  from  alumni     Mr.Siddanath  Mane,  Senior  NVH  Analyst Consultant  to  Mercedes  Benz  R&D  India and Mr Srinidhi Project lead in fedEX. Dr  Shaebgouda,  Placement  officer BMIT Solpur, explained the kind of job vailable  for  2023  and  2024  batches. He said one should gain experience job in  a  small  company  and  should  ready to  take  up  the  work  at  entry  level. Once they gain experience they will be absorbed  in  the  same  company  or other  company  with  higher  salaryMr  Santosh  Madki,  Associate  professor,  NAAC  coordinator  Shree Siddheshwar Women's College of Engineering, Solapur   addressed  students and recited  a poem written by him in hindi  ‘”Zindgi ki sabase badi zarurat hai har”. This poem is prescribed to 9th class by Maharashtra government.  He said every failure is stepping stone for success. Certificates  of  previous  workshop  on  CNC  machining  were  distributed  to mechanical students.



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