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National Vigilance Awareness Programme

a. Essay-Writing and Collage-Making Competitions

The Department of English, Khaja Bandanawaz University, Kalaburagi, initiated a week-longVigilance Week programto achieve its objectives. The Department of English has organized essay-writing competition on 30.10.2023 at 3:00 p.m. at Physics classroom, KhajaBandanawaz University, Main Campus. The competition held in four languages- English, Urdu, Hindi and Kannada with the theme of "Say No to Corruption: Commit to the Nation". The department has also organized a Collage-Making Competition of the same theme on 31.10.2023 at 3:00 p.m. at Physics classroom to mark the importance of the Vigilance Week. The students showed their enthusiasm by participating in both the competitions and expressed their thoughts on corruption and integrity through essays and collages.

b. Seminar conducted by the Department of Law

Seminar Opening: Day 1 (2nd Nov 2023)

The seminar on the Observation of Vigilance Awareness Week, with the theme "Say No to Corruption", was held on 2nd and 3rd November 2023 at 11:00 AM at the Khaja Banda Nawaz University Campus, Kalaburagi. The event was meticulously coordinated and conducted by Lubna Tanveer, Head/ Co-Ordinator of Faculty of Law.

Speaker Session: Day 2 (3rd Nov 2023)

Dr. Ather Moizuddin, he has a diverse educational background, with expertise in both Chemistry and Urdu. His role as Editor in Chief at KBN Times and Lecturer in the Faculty of Languages highlights his involvement in both academia and journalism. He commenced the seminar with an insightful lecture on the detrimental effects of corruption in society and the imperative need for vigilance. His words set the tone for the rest of the seminar, emphasizing the importance of ethical conduct in all aspects of life.


c. Talk on the Vigilance Awareness Program

The Department of English, Faculty of Languages, Khaja Bandanawaz University organised a week-long Vigilance Awareness Program from 30-10-2023 to 06-11-2023 to mark the significance of this year’s theme- "Say no to corruption, commit to the nation”. The chief guest of the program was Vijaya M Patil, Advocate, Dist. Court/High Court and the President was Prof. Nishat Arif Hussaini, Dean Faculty of Languages, Arts Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences, Law, Commerce, and Education. The program was initiated by Mr. Mohammed Shujauddin Safi, Asst. Professor, Department of English, who welcomed the honourable President, Prof. Nishat Arif Hussaini and chief guest Vijaya M Patil. The chief guest was felicitated by Prof.Nishat Arif Hussaini and the President was felicitated by Dr. Athiya Sultana, Asst. Professor, Department of English.

Dr. Vinod Patil, Assistant Professor, Department of Food and Nutrition, introduced the objectives and importance of the vigilance awareness program. He specifically stressed on the ways to achieve corruption free society in India. Faliha Khan (Law student, IV Sem) led the pledge-making program which encouraged the students and faculty members to remain responsible citizens of India. The chief guest of the event, Adv. Patil expressed profound views on the role of vigilance towards protecting citizen’s fundamental rights and maintaining democratic vitality of the nation. She particularly elaborated on the human faculty of asking questions, which is the first step against corruption. Adv. Patil stated that corruption is a termite which makes the country hollow. She concluded with a quote of Gautam Buddha “Be vigilant, guard your mind against negative thoughts”.

Prof. Nishat Arif Hussaini gave the presidential remarks in which she emphasized on the importance of raising voice. She expressed that we need to commit to ourselves first and then to the nation. The program was concluded with prize distribution to the students who participated in essay writing competition and collage making competition which were organised by the Department of English, Khaja Bandanawaz University to observe a week-long vigilance awareness program and a vote of thanks by Dr. Heena Mubeen, Assistant Professor, Department of Zoology.


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