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National Cancer Awareness Programme

National Cancer Awareness Programme on 07-11-2023 and 11-11-2023

An anti-cancer awareness programme was conducted on 07/11/2023 at Hagarga village on the occasion of National Cancer Awareness Day 2023. First there was a programme at Government school, Hagarga where a talk on causes of common cancers, warning signs and prevention aspects of these cancers was given to students and teachers with the help of charts by Dr. Soumya, After the talk, interns of community medicine department did door to door awareness activity and educated people regarding cancer causes, warning signs and prevention.

Again on 11/11/2023 door to door anti cancer awareness activity was done by interns of Community Medicine Department in UHTC field practice area along with medico social workers and public health nurse of UHTC, Khaja Bazaar.

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