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Alumni Meet, Department of Ophthalmology 2024

The Alumni Meet Association of Khaja Bandanawaz University organized "ALUMNI MEET 2024" - a programme to felicitate and coordinate the Alumni Activities at the university on 27th January 2024. The objective of the meet was to offer a platform to the alumni to reconnect, and establish contact with their juniors. It also provides them with the opportunity to celebrate their achievements and success. The Alumni arrived by 10:00AM.. The present students welcomed their seniors by giving them roses as token of love. The following was done.

1. The event was hosted by Dr Vikas, Final year post graduate, Dept. of Ophthalmology, Khaja Bandanawaz University.

2. The meeting began with flowering the plant by Dr Siddesh B Sirwar,Dean Faculty of Medical Sciences- Khaja Banda Nawaz University, Kalaburagi.

3. It was followed by the welcoming of the President of the Alumni Meet, Faculty members and the alumni to the occasion by Dr Vikas, Department of Ophthalmology KBNU.

4. Brief information about the University and the introduction of the event (Alumni Meet) was

given by Dr.Vikas, dept of ophthalmology, KBNU.

5. The Alumni from the Department of Ophthalmology under the Faculty of Ophthalmology shared their experiences of studying at KBNU. Dr Amogh harsoor, the alumnus from the first batch (2018 batch) while recollecting his days at the university also mentioned the constant support and guidance, he received from  the Head of department of Ophthalmology Dr Pranesh Kulkarni. Most of the Alumni expressed their satisfaction about the mode of examinations (Take-Home and Library-Based) at PG. They found it outstanding and beneficial as it lessened the examination pressure on their minds.

6. Later the President of the meet Dr Siddesh B Sirwar, principle and Dean of FOMS- KBNU, addressed the gathering.

7. The program was officially concluded by Vote of thanks Dr Amogh Harsoor, Asst. Professor, Department of Ophthalmology , KBNU.

11. Further group photograph session to capture the memories of the ALUMNI MEET 2024 was carried out with the faculty members, alumni and the President of the meet.



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